What is Balling on a Budget?

After explaining my blog idea to my biggest supporter (and skeptic), the first question out of her mouth was: “well, what’s balling?”  “Mom!” I responded.  “Balling is what I do! You know, it’s making good with what you got!”  She didn’t get it-but now she does :)

As I probed into my concept of balling, I came up with three general goals of a “balling on a budget” lifestyle: 

1.  Committing yourself to a lifestyle in which you seek and obtain the information necessary to make informed, budget friendly decisions. 

2.  To become confident with your budget and comfortable making purchases and financial choices that positively impact your life and the world. 

3.  To ultimately become undeterred by your financial position in this lovely world. 

If you can wake up every morning, recognize the positives in life, treat yourself to a splurge here and there and are being responsible with your financial choices-then I would say you’re pretty darn close to Balling! 

 Balling on a Budget

As I started drafting this blog and thinking deeper into my financial theory, I began to recognize that most of my financial choices were based on three distinct guiding principles.  I found that as I shop, budget, and maintain a functioning livelihood, I continually engage in a cost/reward analysis and evaluate the impact of my choices on my community as well as the role they play in the market and in my financial future.  


  • Low Cost-High Reward:  “How do I achieve the best savings, most happiness and largest reward by putting in the least amount of energy, time and money?”

    • I often recognize that my choices and actions require little to no effort, but they result in a high reward (mo’ money, mo’ savings?).  When that’s the case, it’s an activity in which I will likely participate.
  • Larger Impact: “How are my market choices impacting my larger community?”

    • My consumption’s impact on my community and the world is a driving force behind most of my daily choices.  Though I am not a die-hard raw-vegan-gluten and plastic free, fair-trade, consumer, I think long and hard about the products I am purchasing and their significance.  Recycling and reusing items is not only a great way to ball on a budget, they are ways I can give back to my community and the world.  
    • What I buy and where I buy from is a form of my speech and thus, support.  Considering I don’t have many dollars, I want to make sure I am speaking as loudly and as boldly as I can with the ones I do have.  I feel that I have strong duty to be an active and engaged consumer, so when I find myself consuming, I try to make the most of it.
  • Personal Growth:  “Am I being healthy and honest with my financial choices?”

    • Making choices that are financially healthy may not be the most fun or reap the best dress at the cocktail party-but I guarantee they will make you feel better in the long run.  I always have to remind myself that there is a time and place for every purchase, but the time is not right now.  Future financial security and independence isn’t always the best immediate motivator, but if you keep it at the forefront of your financial choices now by Balling on a Budget, you will surely be thankful you did.


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